Wild Moon

The Wild Moon program is a unique wilderness experience. It is not a workshop or part-time involvement – instead you will be learning through observation, imitation and your own experience, living what you learn. You will be outside for a whole cycle of the Moon (roughly one month) – therefore the name “Wild Moon” – without a break, together with a group of guides who have all spent a full turn of the seasons in the wilderness in Wisconsin, USA, under the guidance of the experienced elder Tamarack Song at Teaching Drum Outdoor School (www.teachingdrum.org).

You will explore primitive skills like hide tanning and fire making. But the primary focus will be on social skills, experiencing the circle way of life, learning to dwell in balance with your human and non-human relations. You will learn and practice awareness tools, such as blind-folded walking, and skills of knowing self, like Truthspeaking and becoming aware of victimization patterns. We will support each other in taking responsibility for our deepest feelings and sharing them without worry of judgment or criticism. Together we want to embrace our fears and heal through them.
Everyone is welcome to join us – no prior outdoor experience or skills training are needed. Our only suggestion is that you come expecting the unexpected, as actually immersing yourself in an unfamiliar culture with new values and ways of doing things is bound to challenge some of what you have read, learned, and believed.

Note: This is NOT a skills workshop! The Wild Moon Immersion is a wholistic aboriginal living experience. While there is the opportunity to learn a number of primitive skills, the lifeway is a focus of its own. Where workshop skills are predetermined, Wild Moon Immersion skills are decided by the needs of the circle, which is made up of the camp’s human and nonhuman communities, the weather, and the season.

Finally!! We have dates for the 2013 Wild Moon Schedule.

We are organising a Wild Summer in Sweden, including 2 Wild Moons, 2 Wild Weeks and a primitive skills gathering!

Also there will be a Wild Reeindeer Moon in Norway in 2013.

Wild Summer – This  year we are offering a combination of 2 Wild Moons, 2 Wild Weeks and a primitive Skills Gathering. People are welcome to join in for the whole time or come and attend one of the Options given below. We would like to invite families for the whole wild summer in order to create a clanlike experience and relearn the native ways of (un)parenting. Its is also possible to visit the Wild Moon Program for a number of days to get a feeling for this unique Immersion Experience. All Wild Moons and Wild Weeks will take place at the Runnön Island, close to Stockholm, Sweden. Here you can read more about the Wild Moon experience

  • Strawberry Wild Week – 08-14. June 2013
  • Strawberry Wild Moon – 08. June – 05. July 2013
  • Blueberry Wild Week – 06.-12. July 2013
  • Blueberry Wild Moon – 06. July – 02. August 2013
  • Primitive Skills Gathering – 10.-16. August 2013

For further information contact: info@wildmoon.eu

The Price for a Wild Moon will be at about 1200 € for aduls, small children will be for free and teenagers get reduced prices.

Wild Reeindeer Moon

Join us in the beautiful mountains of Telemark, Norway, for an unforgettable experience of following and hunting the Wild Reindeers on their migration to their winter territories. We will to large degree subsist on what we can hunt, along with fishing Trout in the mountain lakes and eating berries and greens that the land provides. It will be a real wilderness hunting and gathering experience of a lifetime.

Beginning on September 1st.

Please contact: info@wildmoon.eu

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